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deep breath

That moment you realize it has been over 8 months since your last blog post. Small business owners can relate to the sinking feeling. Bu-bye, SEO rankings. So long, Facebook shares! Ah well. Let’s try this back on..

Because I have been largely silent on this site and social media, I’ll offer a whirlwind recap. ​​

​​ When I last posted in December, Fit Club was in the throes of the final stages of our build out on the new space. On New Year’s Eve, my husband and I suffered frost bitten hands and wind chapped legs and faces as we hustled to every last remnant of 1,000 lb rubber roll out of the old studio. January 2, we opened in our new location without much fanfare. In March, my business partner and I managed to get the Lunges ‘n Lattes cafe open and operational. The two of us, our husbands, and our incredible team of baristas have logged countless hours behind the coffee counter on a crash course in everything cafe management. Many 80+ hour weeks later, we are finally taking a few deep breaths. Mostly because August is possibly the slowest month for gyms and — we are discovering — cafes, too.

So, that gets you caught up to today. Today when it hit me like a blinding flash of obvious!

Those of us who use GPS, stream music, play videos, and respond to messages across multiple messaging platforms on our mobile devices know that familiar feeling. The panic strikes when the battery reaches 15% and we realize it is isn’t even noon! ​​

 Power users know to keep cords and back-up batteries everywhere. The office, the house, the car, and in backpacks and handbags. 

We know we need to recharge our beloved devices, but how often do we forget to recharge our neglected bodies? Minds?

When we reach that all critical low energy level, a whole mess of symptoms rear their ugly head. Crabby, short tempered, insatiable sugar craving, aching muscles, dry and tired eyes. Sound familiar?

Over the past couple months, I have been quietly compiling my own list of charging devices and locations. Talk radio, podcasts, the New York Times, dog walks, yoga stretches in the dining room, sitting on the back porch til I manage to finish that full glass of water I’d been meaning to knock back, and simply closing my eyes so I can better appreciate the sound of the birds singing. And naps. Ah, glorious life-giving naps!

Before reaching the panicked critical state of emotional and physical energy depletion, may I recommend compiling as thorough a mental checklist of your own charging ports as the one you have committed so solidly to memory that you may even be able to point me to the precise location on the cafe in which you are able to plug your phone or laptop in? Yeah, I see you. Preparing a strategy ahead of time can make all the difference. Knowing the places and things you can turn to as you head into a harried day full of appointments, busywork, and endless interactions is as important as packing that charging cord.

Even the most extroverted among us need to prioritize the quiet, recovery-based practices of checking out from time to time. And yes, I appreciate the irony of sharing this nugget of advice on a medium intended to be shared and commented upon on the very devices I am encouraging you to put down. So maybe just take this opportunity to open up the timer on that device you are on and set it for 5 minutes. Take a break. Yes, you. Yes, now. Then when you are done, share this post and remind some others. Because I need the rankings back!

Til next time. And to hoping next time isn’t another 8 months away.

Disclaimer: No one here is a medical doctor and the information contained herein should not be taken as medical advice. These are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health problem. Recommendations by Lunges ‘n Lattes and their coaches are not intended to replace the advice of a physician or health professional. Please consult your physician or a health professional before beginning any diet or exercise program.