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Much as the headline kills me (oof, ending with a preposition!), it has governed my near every move since opening six years ago.

If you haven’t already, you soon will be inundated with messages about losing your “quarantine fifteen.” The usual New Year tactics will no doubt play on the fact a majority of us have spent a large part of 2020 in stretchy pants getting fatter. Living through and surviving a global pandemic is traumatizing. We have all coped with that stress in different ways. When a café patron jokes about how we are posed to make buckets of money when this is all over and everyone needs to lose the weight they have put on, I never know quite how to respond. Usually, it’s just an awkward shrug.

We are still offering Live Zoom classes for those who are willing to exercise in front of computers and mobile devices with a small group. We have a library of On-Demand classes for those who prefer a little more privacy or the flexibility that on-demand access offers. Virtual Training via Zoom with a private trainer is also an option. And, the gym remains open for Private Rental for those members who simply need to leave their home for exercise to happen. Even in the midst of a pandemic, I have very much tried to keep to the same governing principle — meet members where they are in their journey.

What is it going to take to keep folks engaged and active? One thing is for certain — there is no one size fits all approach. Not everyone needs or wants more screen time, so Zoom may not be the winning approach. Not everyone feels comfortable entering public spaces, so coming into our studio may not be feasible either. And trying to make people feel bad about how their coping mechanism may have failed them in 2020 is not exactly the sales approach we are going for here, either.

We hope that we can find something that works for our members. But if we don’t have something that suits right now, I am going to put this right here. If you, dear reader and potential member, see some crappy sales pitch that suggests you are doing the COVID-19 pandemic wrong and need to shed your trauma-induced weight gain on January 1st, ignore it. You are a glorious, precious sentient being that is 100,000% more magical and special than just an amalgamation of your perceived flaws. So don’t even give those ninny-muggins the time or space in your head. None of it. Love you and see you on the other side. Wherever. Whenever. However that’s…at. *cringe*