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Durability: to withstand pressure

Durability: to withstand pressure

Pressure is many a varied thing. Whether the repetitive nature of marathon training or the tightness owing to prolonged periods seated at work, our modern lives take a toll. Tight necks craning and dry eyes squinting to read glowing screens. Weakened cores and...

Reaching critically low battery!

Reaching critically low battery!

deep breath That moment you realize it has been over 8 months since your last blog post. Small business owners can relate to the sinking feeling. Bu-bye, SEO rankings. So long, Facebook shares! Ah well. Let's try this back on.. Because I have been largely silent on...

Pork Cauliflower Fried Rice

Every so often, my husband asks, "Are you in the mood for Chinese food?" The answer is always an emphatic no. I just never have been that into Chinese food. I love meat. I love rice. I love vegetables. But the heaviness of the sauce and saltiness of a typical Chinese...

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