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Suitable for all levels of fitness and experience.

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From Yoga to Boxing

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Aerial Yoga

Yoga silks are used to cradle, support, traction, and support the joints and spine through a series of yoga postures, stretches, and flowing movements.


This high energy strength training class pairs up-tempo pop music with traditional barbell weightlifting exercises. Strengthen and blast fat. No impact. Suitable for all levels of fitness.


Get fighting fit with this traditional boxing workout. Fast-paced circuits of footwork, shadow boxing, heavy bags, and mitt work are on the menu. Please be sure to arrive on time so you can get those hands wrapped.

Cardio Dance Sculpt

Cardio dance is for everyone! No rhythm-no problem. Two left feet-no problem. It’s all about having fun and burning calories while dancing to a variety of music- Latin, 80’s, hip hop! Small hand weights at an upper body pump.


This interval mash up is the best of both worlds — functional core training and cardiovascular conditioning.


dur-UH-bil-a-TEE/: the ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage. Work to improve mobility, range of motion, balance, as well as core and joint stability. Incorporates ground-based movement, stretching, and soft tissue release. Suitable for all levels of fitness.

HIIT fit

Get your dose of high intensity exercise with this 30-minute super charged workout! Using minimal equipment, it’s a burst of Tabata-style interval training that conditions your heart and lungs while burning serious calories.


Class begins with fast-paced kettlebell circuits to build strength, then winds down with a hearty yoga-inspired stretch.

Mindful Meditation

This 30 minute guided meditation class focuses on breathing and restoring body and mind. Different meditative topics are explored in each session. Session includes gentle and light stretching in order to relax the body. This class is open to anyone and everyone who needs to take a few minutes to quiet their mind and feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Moonlight Meditation

This one-hour class incorporates gentle movement and restorative yoga before nestling in for a 30-minute of guided meditation and relaxation exercises. The perfect cap to your evening and an ideal way to set up for a successful week ahead.


Get the intensity of a cardio workout with the core strengthening of a Pilates class and stretch of a yoga class.

Prenatal Fit

This unique format combines suspension training exercises that alleviate pressure at the joints and support good form throughout all stages of pregnancy with a hearty stretch that is a more active take than a traditional restorative yoga practice. Suitable for pre and post natal students. And because it is a workout, it is also totally cool for those who aren’t pregnant to join in the fun!

Rise + Grind

Start your morning off right with this half hour sweat session. Strength training and bodyweight exercises get paired in high intensity intervals that maximize your time and effort! Bring your indoor sneakers.

Ropes +

A half hour is all you need for this strength and conditioning class. Simple bodyweight and battle rope exercises are paired in this full body workout.

Semi Private Training

This premium session is limited only to members enrolled in semi private training. Capped at six, each session focuses on the individual needs and goals of each participant. Be sure to reserve ahead to ensure your specific training goals are met!


It’s a Steel-a-palooza! Working through circuits and sequential movements, we utilize steel maces and clubs to strengthen, condition, and tone.


This high intensity strength training workout pairs weights with cardio to sculpt, balance, and tone, while having fun. This class uses hand weights, plates, and barbells, as well as your own body weight to deliver maximum effect.

Suspension + Ropes

This 45-minute workout starts with a vigorous circuit of suspension exercises, then quickly builds with a series of bodyweight and battle ropes exercises. Conditioning fun!

Suspension Basics

Building strength, balance, and mobility with the aid of a suspension trainer. Scale exercises up or down, according to your ability in a safe and effective workout. Suitable for all fitness levels and prenatal students.

Suspension +

Pair strength and core with cardio conditioning in this unique coupling of suspension training and bodyweight exercises. Some experience with suspension training recommended.

Target 6

This low impact strength-based workout targets six key areas of the body — arms, back, chest, abs, glutes and legs. Improve balance, strength and functionality, while building a stronger and more defined body.


It’s off to the cardio races with this fun choreographed kickboxing class. Great for improving your footwork and speed, while encouraging proper form under zero resistance and impact.

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Membership Pricing & Options

Adult 5 Class Punch Card

Subscribe and save! Purchase 5 class credits monthly and take 30% off our regular rates. No long term commitment.


Adult 10 Class Punch Card

Coming in more often? Have a spouse or adult child you want to share with? Purchase 10 credits monthly and spread the love!


More Details
  • Packages are available in 5 or 10 credit increments.
  • Class credits are valid for 30 days with no roll overs.
  • Your account is billed monthly from the day you join.
  • Membership may be shared with spouses and adult children.
  • No minimum terms apply and you are free to cancel any time.

Adult Unlimited Plan

Our best value! Pay a flat monthly rate and get unlimited access to our complete adult fitness and yoga schedule. Special spouse discounts available.


More Details
  • Your account is billed monthly from the day you join.
  • Add a spouse at $40 monthly, then only $30 for each additional adult.
  • No minimum terms apply and you are free to cancel any time.
  • Lock in your rate for 1 year and save 3% monthly.
  • Set payment by direct debit and save an additional 2% monthly.

Family Unlimited Plan

Add the whole family and save! Parents can add their kiddos to our unlimited plans and unlock serious savings to our complete schedule of adult, family, and kids’ classes, including child care.


More Details
  • Package includes two adults and one child.
  • Your account is billed monthly from the day you join.
  • Siblings may be added for just $20 more per month.
  • A third adult may be added at $30 more per month.
  • No minimum terms apply and you are free to cancel any time.
  • Lock in your rate for 1 year and save 3% monthly.
  • Set payment by direct debit and save an additional 2% monthly.

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