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You know how you go to prepare your pourover and life has a tendency to distract and the already not-quite-so-piping-hot cuppa you just brewed turned into this somewhat tepid cup of brew? Some roasts fare pretty poorly as one of those milder temp drinks. Others actually shine. And this latest single origin Peru from our friends at Littlefoot Coffee Roasters is doing just that. The Aguaytadero sparkles after the heat has rolled off and is so bright that it is just a super drinkable cup. We love keeping this one by our side throughout the morning and sipping it slowly.

Some of the tasting notes we find? As the roaster suggests, a hint of melon, specifically one that is closer to the more astringent honeydew that the super sweet cantaloupe or gummier watermelon. When it continues to cool, you pick up some of the citrus notes.

While we love this one as a pourover, we are also enjoying it on the batch brew on weekends. Stop in give it a try!