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Everyone who is a regular in the morning seems to know Chris looooooves his dark and chocolaty Bear Hug roast from our friends over at Dogwood Coffee Roasters. As someone who almost never gets to drink a hot cup of coffee (hello, multitasking!), I tend to favor a lighter roast. The lighter the roast, the sweeter I find the taste at a lower temperature. Great for distracted coffee drinkers like me! Also, the lighter the roast, the more I tend to find the citrus and floral notes can come rolling through. As a tea drinker at heart, I love when these surprising notes appear in my coffee.

With that, I am thrilled to have this single origin from our friends just a hop skip and a jump away on our batch brew right now. The Naranjo Costa Rica single origin from Brewpoint has a little hint of orange zest coming through that offsets the cocoa notes wonderfully. It reminds me a lot of our espresso from Halfwit, the Triforce Blend, that on its own hints at an orange dreamscicle. We are serving it up on drip during the weekends as an alternative to the darker Bear Hug, as well as in the afternoons for a lighter bodied afternoon pick-me-up. And of course, we have retail bags available to grab in-store or for doorstep delivery!

Pura Vida.